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Peruvia Returns

The legend that is Peruvia is returning to Manchester on the 2nd September.

Remember Peruvia? If you're part of the new influx to the city (i.e. in the last four years) then the name might not ring any bells. They're one of the clubs that kicked off the Manchester gliterati scene, and it was through their help that Wilmslow became champagne capital of the North West.

Some of the big name DJs in Manchester held residencies at the club (Jason Herd, Pat Drury, Alan Hartley).

Well it all begins again at the Cotton House (Ducie Street) on 2/9.

Here's the press release

On the 2nd of September, a missing part of the Manchester line-up returns, slipping back into the jigsaw with silky precision, and creating a much more complete picture of sophisticated clubbing than was there before. There’s a new start, a new venue, and a whole new era on the way, but class being as timeless as it is, the specialness that Peruvia has always brought with it is going to return as if it never went away. And in no time at all you’ll forget that it ever did.

Regenerating itself in Ducie Street’s The Cotton House, Peruvia brings with it a tangible feeling of finesse and decorum that is sure to act as a beacon to the city’s more discerning and refined clientele. In elegant surroundings, in a less hectic part of the city than many clubs, it provides the perfect haunt for the more experienced clubber. If you’re sick and tired of the lunatic, kamikaze approach to recreation subscribed to by many establishments and their respected revellers, then Peruvia provides that somewhat more civilised something you’ve been holding out for.

Not that that means we’re going to get boring. Oh absolutely not. With the fine line-up of DJs we’re going to surprise you with, our drive for engineering a damn good time for one and all until the last beat drips from the speakers, and above all else, our insubstitutable experience at putting on and enjoying the finest parties across the country, this is a going to be a night to get passionate about.

Bit more on Peruvia


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